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Open Source projects

  • mcdb
    mcdb - fast, reliable, simple code to create and read constant databases
  • MCDB_File
    MCDB_File - Perl XS module to create and read mcdb constant databases
  • bsock
    bind() sockets to restricted ports for lower-privilege daemons
  • proxyexec
    client/server passing argv and stdin, stdout, stderr fds over unix domain socket between processes owned by different users
  • chroot restricted ssh shell (chressh)
    user shell providing limited remote access over a secure SSH connection
  • BitTorrent::TrackerCGI
    Perl application implementing the BitTorrent tracker protocol
  • Apache httpd patches
    useful patches for the Apache httpd web server
  • daemontools logging patch
    patch allowing svscan to use supervise and multilog for its own output
  • PINE Maildir driver
    patch adding full Maildir support to the PINE mail client
  • PHP code snippets
    useful, short PHP functions
  • LISTSERV lcmdx.c patched to use stdin
    send command to LISTSERV on remote node via TCPGUI interface

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