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PINE patches

Patches to the PINE mail program.
Patches below are against pine-4.61.

PINE Maildir driver patch v0.04
- adds full support for Maildir folders in the PINE MUA client
PINE const patch
- allows constant strings to be shared when multiple PINE instances are running
PINE amd64 warnings patch
- quiet some pointer/integer casting warnings when compiling on amd64 (Opteron)

  tar xvjf pine-4.61.tar.bz2
  cd pine4.61
  patch -p1 < ../pine-4.61-gps-const-0.01.patch
  patch -p1 < ../pine-4.61-gps-amd64warnings-0.01.patch
  patch -p1 < ../pine-4.61-gps-maildir-0.04.patch
  ./build lrh DEBUG="-g -O2" NOLDAP \
    EXTRASPECIALS="CREATEPROTO=maildirproto EMPTYPROTO=maildirproto" \
  cd bin
  cp pine pico pilo rpdump rpload /usr/local/bin

(skip amd64warnings patch and EXTRALDFLAGS above if not compiling on amd64)

Eduardo Chappa has an alternative PINE Maildir driver patch and hosts a page of other PINE patches.

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